Friday, April 2, 2010

How to earn $100.00 dollars per month from blogging.

I've been blogging for almost 42 months now, most of which has consisted of sports related activities, until I joined Jumping in Pools in December of 2008, perhaps the smartest decision that I have ever made.

When I first contacted Matthew Avitabile, the discussion was about his blog and local politics, if I remember correctly, but the email exchange turned into me joining this blog. I wrote a few (grammar challenged) articles per week and I was still interested in political forums, but that changed when I received my first pay check of five dollars.

That moment changed the dynamic of political blogging for me; I could now make a few bucks from blogging and I can actually write something that is worth a few bucks. I can't be certain, but I'm sure the amount of articles that I wrote increased during the Spring of last year, and I've been on a roll ever since.

Just to clarify a few things before I proceed: I'm not the secret to the success of this blog, the Avitabile brothers are, and if there was no Jumping in Pools, there would be no Obama hoax articles, which could have been a good thing, but I digress.

The pressure has been on this past week, as Matt, Mike and I needed a serious influx of traffic to generate $12.00 dollars worth of revenue from google adsense, thus receiving a check of $100.00 dollars in a few weeks (adsense has a month-by-month quota), which will be distributed amongst us. We lucked out: Instapundit appreciated our Interview with The Other McCain, as did the thousands of readers Instapundit referred to Jumping in Pools.

Now that we have achieved our adsense deadline with success, and a few crisp Andrew Jackson's are heading our way, one must consider how a blogger or bloggers should go about the process of earning $100.00 dollars per month, or more from blogging. It's rather simple, if by simple you mean complicated enough to induce headaches but not enough to cause death, and one should weigh his options with care.

1. Traffic - Without traffic, there is no one to come to your website, and thus no chance of earning $100.00 dollars per month. The real question is whether a blogger should go for volume or substance.

2. Smart articles - When traffic and revenue are both down, I would suggest writing articles that will produce advertisements that readers are more inclined to click; such as writing about political campaigns when the political season is advertisements galore.

3. Personal Ads - Newspapers and Television stations stay afloat because of advertisers, why should blogs be different? Well they're not. Selling advertisement space on your blog is not only smart, but as your readership grows, so does the potential field of advertisers.

4. Begging - Though not recommended, some political bloggers ask or beg their readers to donate a few bucks to their paypal accounts to justify the seemingly useless past time that blogging is. There are a few exceptions, such as The Other McCain, but most beggars are just that; beggars.

5. Sex sells - I don't know how some people sleep at night, but Jumping in Pools receives a few visitors per day via an old article on John Edwards and the alleged size of little John. I'm sure the same goes for most political bloggers who adopt the doctrine of "sex sells" via sex driven headlines involving politicians, musicians, etc.

In conclusion, writing for profit is tough work, as one is searching for new outlets or steams of potential traffic on a regular basis, sometimes through the shameful practice of spamming email inboxes. However, the best process of being a Capitalistic blogger is to adopt the principles of Capitalism: Provide a valuable product and succeed you will.

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Harrison said...

Congrads! You have to get a ton of traffic to generate $100 from Google. That is a very solid amount of visitors!

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