Monday, April 5, 2010

McCain gaffe could hurt him.

Senator John McCain made a great mistake this afternoon when he claimed that he never considered himself a "maverick". I'm not sure what McCain's motivation could be on this fraudulent attempt to rebrand himself, but defeating Congressman Hayworth requires a campaign without gaffes, not a "flip flop" message shenanigan.

I can see the handwriting on the wall: Opponents of the Senator will exploit the McCain gaffe to portray him as a "flip flopper", as a "deceitful menace" or as a "forgetful old man" who doesn't belong in the Senate anymore, despite his decades of continued and dedicated service.

McCain has stirred a hornets nest with his latest comment, and he does deserve the political repercussions that will result from his comment, but I still expect a Senator McCain victory when the voters of Arizona decide on a Republican nominee, because when compared to his opponent, McCain is as honest as they come.

I can almost guarantee Congressman Hayworth will mock McCain on this gaffe, that McCain and his allies will search Hayworth's entire political past for a comparable gaffe of important status, and that members of the Conservative blogosphere will use this to fuel their fire against McCain.

In four months the Republican voters of Arizona will vote for a Republican nominee to represent them in the November Senate election, and I cannot appeal more to "undecided" and "unsure" voters than at this time: The day our party kicks out McCain, is the day our party dies.

Question of the Day: Does the "Maverick gaffe" hurt Senator McCain, or does it prove to be indifferent in the political sense.

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RightKlik said...

He'll win. He's been in power forever.

Harrison said...

McCain a maverick... seems like this is something others claimed for him.