Monday, April 5, 2010

Interview with John Chachas, Republican Senatorial Candidate from Nevada

Jumping in Pools is proud to present our 73rd interview in our on-going series. Today we were honored to have John Chachas (R, NV) answer some of our questions. Mr. Chachas is running for the U.S. senate in Nevada; he received a Masters from Harvard Business School and pledges to listen to his constituents, unlike Harry Reid. I would like to personally thank Mr. Chachas for taking the time to answer our questions. Feel free to visit his campaign site.

Mr. Chachas, why are you the best choice for Nevada?

I have a set of business skills which are just different than everyone else in this race, and this race is about the economy. I have helped some of the largest companies in America raise capital, fix their balance sheets, and keep people employed. No one in this race has the breadth of business experience I do.

You have a very respectable Masters from Harvard Business School . How would your education there help you govern Nevada?

My job as as Senator is not to govern Nevada , so much as represent what is important to Nevadans. I would hope my education At Columbia and Harvard would be helpful as I try to craft thoughtful policy and guide that policy through the byzantine processes of Washington . Being able to navigate in Washington is part of the job. It's like making a compelling argument to 100 colleagues at Harvard who are sitting in their chairs waiting to take apart your argument. So I view the training as very relevant if it is focused on the right goals, which has to be job creation.

What is your opinion of the Health Care Bill that the President and Democrats just passed? Would you vote to repeal it?

The health care program Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi just jammed through Congress is a disaster. Yes, I would vote to repeal it and change it. We are spending $2.3 trillion on health care in America . We had 60,000,000 procedures in 2008 -- 1 of every 5 Americans had a procedure, a staggering figure in comparison to any other industrialized nation. We have all kinds of structural problems in health care contributing to this collosal spending. We need tort reform. We need the consumer driving the purchasing decisions. Instead we got an expansion of a broken system. So, in a word, I think the bill is an utter failure.

Do you believe that Harry Reid should listen to his constituents more?

I think Harry Reid doesn't listen to his constituents at all. So a bit more would be nice. But Harry Reid isn't from Nevada if you read what he votes for. He really isn't. So it's sort of like changing a leopard's spots. Harry speaks for the White House and the most progressive President in 100 years. He should go get a job in the other branch of government.

If you receive the Republican nomination, in your opinion, what are your chances of winning the Senate seat?

I believe I am, without question, the single best hope the Republicans have of winning this seat in November. All the other candidates are professional or “wanna-be” politicians who have strong negatives that Reid will exploit. It will be a close race -- 54/46 or 53/47 in the end -- but I will beat Senator Reid if I'm the nominee. I'm confident of it.

What is your opinion of the Tea Parties that have been held throughout the nation in the last year?

The Tea Party Express is a visible articulation of unhappy Americans who feel government officials -- both Republican and Democrat -- are not listening. It represents an anger and sense of betrayal of the common sense and discipline all Americans try to live by but Washington somehow does not. I think it is “raw democracy" and come this November will be a very real force in American politics. With the state GOP in such disarray, the Tea Party, Anger is Brewing and other conservative grass roots organizations will be the ones conducting voter drives and coordinating GOTV efforts this year. That is why I have given money to the Reno-based Anger is Brewing to support their efforts. They are the ones running the ground campaign in this state.

What plans do you have to help Nevada?

I have put forth two major pieces on revitalizing the Nevada economy -- one about returning 10 million acres to Nevada for sale and the second on how to fix the housing crisis in Clark County . I have a third piece focused on tax relief which will be published this week. I would encourage you to look at my web site, which has more policy detail than the rest of the candidates combined. (

Anything more you would like to add?

I look forward to spending more time with Nevada voters....that's the best way for folks to get to know me and understand my love for Nevada and my commitment to making Nevada and our nation strong again.

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johncranton said...

He's right about job creation being the number one goal for Nevada. Every candidate should be focused on that, nationwide, not just in this state. Finding ways to lower the excessive unemployment rate will have a boomerang effect at improving so many other areas.
- John Cranton
Independent, Las Vegas