Monday, April 12, 2010

Memo to Barack Obama: Please nominate Whitehouse.

President Obama is reviewing potential nominees to replace Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court, several members of the Judiciary, his Administration and the United States Senate have been touted, but I believe there is just one man for the job: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

As a Conservative who follows the political news of the hour, I am well aware of Whitehouse's liberal record of radicalism and contempt, but imagine the Senate seat from Rhode Island being vacant, and imagine the current Governor of Rhode Island; Donald Carcieri; a Republican being able to appoint a Republican replacement.

Sure it would be dishonest, against the natural foundations of political discourse and downright wrong to replace an elected Democratic Senator with an appointed Republican Senator, but do we as Conservatives care anymore? If President Obama can appoint radicals to high places in our government during a period of legislative recess, shouldn't be able to appoint a Republican to replace a Democrat for the remainder of the legislative session of 2010?

I'm pleading with you President Obama: Please nominate Senator Sheldon Whitehouse ( D - Rhode Island) to the United States Supreme Court, his record as Attorney General was stellar (probably not) and it would guarantee a smooth Senate process (probably not) and one should never worry about a Republican being appointed instead of a Democrat (yes you should).

All Conservatives should back this potential nominee before it's too late, and before a real radical is nominated to the Supreme Court (sending email to Governor Carcierci).

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