Monday, April 12, 2010

Trust Joe Lieberman.

Senator Joe Lieberman is raising doubts on whether or not President Obama's Nuclear Weapon Treaty with Russia will be authorized in the US Senate, where the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority for all treaties to be enacted.

The National Defense Conservative is worried about the lack of a Missile Defense system for our European allies against Russia and Iran, plus the Treaty will not allow America to modernize our Nuclear Weapons, just in case we need them in the future. I would also like to add that Obama has signed away our National Defense, without guarantee or standing that Russia will follow through on their promises.

Some members of the Conservative blogosphere are skeptical about Liebermans' opposition to the START Treaty, considering his initial opposition to Obamacare. There is no need to question the good Senator on National Defense, as he has never put politics over principle, that isn't going to change now.

We can defeat this horrific START Treaty if just 34 Republicans oppose the ratification of it, meaning President Obama and Senate Democrats will have to find at the least, eight willing Senate Republicans to support this Treaty, after Obamacare was rammed down their throats without debate, compromise or discussion.

This issue will overtake the Senate soon, if the next Supreme Court nominee doesn't. We'll need to come out swinging hard against Senate Democrats, and President Obama on both of these issues, but we can win on the Nuclear Weapon Treaty, with the help of Senator Lieberman, we can protect our arsenal and National Defense.

On National Defense, and almost all other issues: Trust Joe Lieberman, we might disagree with him every issue besides National Defense and school choice, but he is always principled, regardless of which side he is on.

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Anonymous said...

I personally do not trust a man who is actively working to destroy the US. He whines a bit about Israel but otherwise he is a orthodox Marxist ala Madames Pelosi and Reid.

Anonymous said...

Personally there are very few in DC I trust anymore. Most appear to be fascists or in the least believers that the US Constitution is there to be blatantly ignored.