Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our economic situation is not improving - Part 2.

This is one of the toughest articles I have ever written in my life. It took all of my strength not to curse Obama and our horrific economic policies every other word.

The American Dollar is continuing to collapse against the Currencies of the world, especially against our neighbors to the North: Canada. I've been writing about this for a while, not on a regular basis, but enough to recognize how bad our economic situation is. The American Dollar has been strong and revered from around the world for decades, as it has served as a testament to our economic strength.

If the American Dollar represents our economic strength; we're a weak Nation.

According to recent news reports and personal research, the Canadian Dollar is now almost worth just as much as the American Dollar is: One Canadian Dollar equals 99.8 American Cents. If that doesn't reveal the real economic condition of America to the world, along with the fact Canada is almost as strong as we are, than nothing will.

This is no longer amusing: We could wake up tomorrow morning, and we could actually be holding dimes, nickels, pennies, quarters, dollar bills and the American currency as a whole, that is worth less than the currency of Canada! Our pathetic neighbors to the North could hold a stronger Dollar tomorrow morning than we do, think about that for a second. Doesn't that scare the hell out of you?

President Obama and Congressional Democrats can tout the failed stimulus all they want, because the American people know the truth. The American people realize our economic situation is worse than we ever thought. If we don't work to improve our Dollar, than it doesn't matter how many jobs America could create, because the World will dump our Dollar, and send us back into a severe recession.

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Government Mess said...

Great job holding your tounge, I know exactly what you mean. I am getting more short fused with each foolish action Obama and his thugs take every day. I try to be professional but when we are witnessing the "Cloward & Piven" Strategy being implemented upon our great country it's hard to be nice about what they are doing to destroy our nation. I am very concerned about what will be left of our country in 2012 given the radical ideology Obama has planned to force down our throats again.

Keep up the good fight! Great work! We will prevail if we keep spreading the truth.

Jimmy's Wang said...

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