Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michael Steele is playing the race card?

Michael Steele is the first black Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and though I opposed his election for several reasons, I have defended him against the conspiratorial forces that have emerged against him. I still hold firm to the opinion that Chairman Steele should be judged on the 2010 congressional elections alone, because his presence in the November races was unprecedented, and a similar approach could better us in a few months.

There's just one problem: Chairman Steele opened his mouth in such an idiotic fashion the other day, that Conservatives and Republicans will be looking for blood, even though he has handled "the stripper" aftermath with professionalism, for the most part.

Chairman Steele believes that a "thinner margin of error" applies to him, because of his race.

Is there a "thinner margin of error" that applies to Chairman Michael Steele? For members of the Republican Party: Nope. For members of the Conservative movement: Nope. For members of the Main Stream Media: Yes. Chairman Steele is correct to a degree; there is a hint of racism that has formed against him, but it isn't within his own ranks, it's with the folks he likes to hang around with so often.

I cannot believe he agreed with this notion. Is Chairman Steele aware of all that Republicans have done to mend broken race relations, to restore civil rights and to lift up the black man through individual initiative? If Chairman Steele believes in what he said the other night, than this man has no place within our Party or movement.

I'm a dedicated Conservative Republican who wants what is best for our political and electoral future, and I don't think a Chairman who questions the members of his own party with racial lenses, should be in charge of the Republicans or the Democrats, there's just no place for those idiotic feelings in America.

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