Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Republican Tim Burns is leading Democrat Mark Critz in PA 12.

Pennsylvania's twelfth congressional district is in the middle of an interesting special election to replace the late Congressman Murtha, who passed away earlier this year. Both Republicans and Democrats are unsure as to who will win this election in a few weeks, considering Democrats hold a substantial advantage in voter registration, but this district was the only district in the entire Nation to go from supporting Kerry in 2004 to supporting McCain in 2008.

According to Public Policy Polling, a well known progressive polling firm out of North Carolina, Tim Burns; a local self made millionaire and the Republican candidate, is leading his Democratic opponent, Mark Critz; a longtime aide to Congressman Murtha, by a three point margin, in a district that Murtha carried with relative ease in November of 2008.

Tim Burns (R) - 44%.
Mark Critz (D) - 41%.
Undecided - 15%.

The results closely resemble a recent poll released from the firm, McLaughlin & Associates, that indicates a statistical deadheat between both of the candidates (Critz - 40%, Burns - 39%). To be realistic, most polling firms have come to the exact same conclusion: This election is too close to call, well over 15% of voters are still undecided, though close to 80% of Republicans are at the least somewhat excited about this election, compared to just 64% of Democrats.

Tim Burns can win this election, and we can restore Conservative Republican Representation to one of the most "gunclinging, racist, religious, and downright anti-immigration" districts in the entire Nation! Support Burns for Congress, he's succeeded in the private sector, now we need him in the government sector.


Also, there's a reason National Republicans are more interested in this race, than in Hawaii's first congressional district special election - while the PA 12 special election will be a regular "election" with voting on site, the Hawaii 01 special election is a mail-in ballot election. Get out the vote efforts don't work well, when it's a "mail in your vote" election.

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