Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Resident Evil 4 Review

I finished this game several months ago on the PS2, so I suppose a review is in order.

Resident Evil 4 continues with the series' over-arching enemy: zombies. Yet the plot is nice and fresh, with a surprising depth of plot development and inertia. The main character, Leon Kennedy, is sent to a semi-deserted rural area to find the United States' President's daughter. Guess what: the job is more complicated than he thought at first and OMG, zombies!

Of course this is expected, but the story and script writing is excellent. The voice-overs are also good. The only problem with the script and voices are Leon's one-liners. While the protagonist has to say something to retort an enemy's brags, lines like "Rain or shine, you're going down" don't exactly do the trick. Yet, at times the lines are just so bad that they are actually endearing.

The antagonists in the game are also done well; I hate that Napoleon-esqe 20-year-old! The game shines here as well as the numerous boss battles.Shooting Zombies in the Face is Fun

The combat and storage system in this Resident Evil is the best one in the series, and that's coming from someone who's played part of the fifth, watched someone play part of the first, and looked at the packaging of the second. But all of my qualifications aside, the hit detection in this game is spot-on and the suitcase system is impressive.

Further, the Easter eggs and treasures to be found in 4 are plentiful and fun to find. Also, can somebody explain how the merchant keeps getting in front of me so he can sell me things?! As for graphics, there are hardly any PlayStation 2 games that look prettier. This game looks good and is a lot of fun.Even 4 has Faults

Yes, every game ever made has faults, but with RE 4, these are pretty minor. There are just three: first, Leon's hilariously bad one-liners. Two, at times separate climaxes of the story don't get the emphasis they deserve. Three, the final boss battle, in my opinion, was a little too easy and a little too quick.

The Final Verdict

Do you like good stories? Do you like fun? Do you like shooting zombies in the face with a rocket launcher? If so, then pick up Resident Evil 4.

The Final Score: A 9/10: Excellent

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