Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Cometh

From an email:

"With tax day approaching, Americans across the country will be gathering to protest what some see as excessive government spending and taxation.  I applaud people who engage in public action like this, but I believe there are more direct ways we can change the way our government spends.  We can directly impact the amount of money our government has to work with a number of small and easy steps:
-Gift cards.  Some state governments actually claim unused gift cards as abandoned property. More than $8 billion worth of gift cards will go unused in 2010.  Consumers who do not use their gift cards can trade them on sites like
-IRS tax refunds.  In 2008, the IRS was unable to send out over $123 million in refunds because of incorrect addresses.  Ensuring correct addresses is an easy step, as is contacting the IRS.,,id=96596,00.html
-US Savings bonds.  Unclaimed matured US Savings Bonds total $16 billion.  Owners and family members of deceased owners can initiate a search to reclaim these bonds.  Owners can use the Treasury Department’s Treasury Hunt.
These are all simple, legal steps that we can take to slowly reel overspending back in.  Maybe it won’t make a huge dent, but it can be a start."

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