Friday, April 2, 2010

Who leads in the Republican race for President?

The 2012 Republican Presidential Primaries will not start for another 20 or so months from now, but millions of Conservatives and Republicans are in a state of constant wonderment for one reason or another, questioning who our nominee will be in 2012. Most don't know, some aren't sure, but all will have to wait 20 more months until voting begins.

On the flip side, we have polling outlets such as Public Policy Polling that has been examining a potential Republican dogfight between Governor's Romney, Huckabee and Palin, and the results have been interesting, if not shocking through the first - ten states examined.


Huckabee - 41%.

Palin - 27%.

Romney - 20%.


Romney - 44%.

Palin - 25%.

Huckabee - 17%.


Romney - 52%.

Huckabee - 21%.

Palin - 18%.


Huckabee - 38%.

Romney - 28%.

Palin - 25%.


Huckabee - 32%.

Palin - 28%.

Romney - 22%.

New Mexico:

Romney - 33%.

Palin - 32%.

Huckabee - 18%.

North Carolina:

Huckabee - 33%

Palin - 27%

Romney - 25%


Romney - 32%.

Huckabee - 28%.

Palin - 26%.


Romney - 32%.

Huckabee - 29%.

Palin - 23%.


Romney - 32%.

Palin - 27%.

Huckabee - 23%.

Governor Romney is leading in six states, Governor Huckabee is leading in four states and Governor Palin is trailing in all ten states that have been polled. Romney leading in the Mid Western states is not a surprise, neither is the fact Huckabee is dominating the South, with the exception of Florida and Texas, but the real surprise is that Palin power is not resonating with a plurality of Republican voters.

I expect the 2012 Republican Primaries to be a battle between the Evangelical Baptist from Arkansas against the Mormon from Massachusetts, with the Caribou Bobbie from Alaska holding all of the important chips: The chips of a kingmaker. I have know idea what's going to happen in 2012, but we'll find out soon enough.

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Jimmy's Wang said...


Come Get some of this new stuff I've GOT!

Anonymous said...

Why are they polling with all the rehashes ? Lets get fresh . There are some new possibilities such as the likes of Rep. Paul Ryan. Put a new face out there for these times.

Rick @ The Conservative Journal said...

These polls are really quite strange. I really can't see either of the 3 making to the general election at this point, but if one were to I'd say it would be Palin. I can see the other two having a hard time standing out during the primaries.

I'm also interested in seeing what new faces will emerge before the primaries. It's going to be an exciting campaign season, that's for sure.

Great blog! Thanks for posting this, I'd never seen these particular polls before.

The Conservative Journal