Friday, April 2, 2010

Political Perception Gap

There is a perception gap in America today.

How the left views the right:

How the right views the right:

How the right views the left:

How the left views the left:

How the people view both parties:

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Government Mess said...

Excellent piece! It is so true too. At this point I think we should impeach all Democrats for failing to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...


How Jumpinginpools views how the left views the left.

Jimmy's Wang said...

I too think we should all check out the points! That this new viagra has given me!

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a European here, if thats how ether of your parties view what you call the left (the democrats), then id say you have a markedly different perception of what the left is compared to Europe. Generally in europe, the dems are concidered more or less centre, with the reps coming in much more to the right.

If you seriously equate the democrats with marxism, then you seriously need to re-evaluate how you define the left.

Anonymous said...

True. Thank God, compared to European liberals, American liberals still look very conservative. And that's what Obummer is lamenting about, hoping for, and bowing down too - European left. He, like any other Marxist has no respect to property rights, personal freedom, or limit of government's power.