Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hoist the Colours!

Hoist the Colours!

No longer will I remain silent while our Internationalist foes force American teenagers to take off their American Flag T-shirts to accommodate Cinco De Mayo. This is America: Home of the Brave & Land of the Free, where Americans can Hoist our Colours high and proud.

With the above mentioned in mind, I'm calling on the American people to Hoist our Colours high! Whether it be an image on your shirt, attached to a 10 foot long flag pole or posted on your blogs and websites, Americans must send a message: We're not gonna take it!

This is no longer about the First Amendment or Assimilation, but it's about America as a whole, are we going to allow our Flag, an International symbol of Freedom and Justice be tarnished and redflagged in our own Nation, or are we going to protest and stand with Old Glory?

I stand with the Flag! I pledge allegiance to the Flag! I live with the Flag as my Flag and I will die if needed, to protect the Flag, and all that it represents on foreign battlefields. Enough is enough my fellow Americans, protesting an out-of-control government on financial and constitutional issues is a choice, but defending our Flag is a responsibility.

Hoist the Colours! Stand for our Flag America!

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