Monday, May 10, 2010

Old Media and New Media.

Members of the Old Media hate the New Media, and members of the New Media hate the Old Media, but both need one another to survive. That's not an opinion, that's the cold hard truth.

Think about it from this perspective: If the New Media didn't have the Old Media, which is the lone source of news, the New Media would have no news to dissect and no bias to lambast. If the Old Media didn't have the New Media, which is the largest aggregator of news, their articles and information would be under read and unappreciated.

As long as the New Media is based on Internet communication, without substantial funding, and without a growing outreach to more sectors (such as what an published newspaper or magazine can do), there will always be a need for the Old Media, whether we like it or not. Face it; if every Conservative blogger boycotted the Old Media, the New Media would be a opinion chamber, not a news chamber.

So what's the point?

Some members of the New Media are so opposed to the Old Media, that sometimes I think a full blown powderkeg is going to ignite, or in other words, some might actually do something about it, and establish a realistic venture into print media.

Why print media? Well, the current format of Internet news will only reach so many people and it lacks a certain amount of professionalism, but print media corrects both of the above mentioned problems, and it would allow for "New Media" wizkids who have limited resources, to expand a well meaning blog, into a investigative reporting machine with a complete staff.

Until we stop complaining about the Old Media, while using the Old Media for our articles and stories, and we start doing something constructive, such as launching a new bureau of our own focused on what the other media misses, than nothing will ever change. We'll keep linking and they will continue to lie.


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