Thursday, May 13, 2010

Widespread Support of AZ Law

A new poll confirms what the others have found. The American public at-large is supportive of the new Arizona law cracking down on illegal immigrants. This support carries over to independents, as well. Overall, 59% of Americans support the measures in the law as a whole. However, more Americans support specific provisions, including 73% of those polled believing that people in this country should provide proof of their legal staus.
This does not translate into the younger generation, which seems to have bit on the media spin on the law. While 59% support the law in the general population, only 45% of young people do. Only 48% of young people believe that the police should be able to question those who may be in the nation illegally. Furthermore, only 25% of the broad population approve of President obama's handling of immigration, including a plurality of Democrats.

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