Thursday, February 12, 2009

America Must Say Thank You to Lincoln

With all of the talk about Obama being the next Abraham Lincoln, maybe we should take a moment and say thank you to the actual Lincoln.

Our 16th President preserved the Union, defeated the Confederacy, and freed the slaves. He did this while having problems at home, a child dying, and many incompetent generals. And he also only got 39% of the popular vote in 1860. And they call Bush an illegitimate President?

And truthfully, Bush has more in common with Lincoln than Obama might ever. Bush and Lincoln "started" a war that was "unnecessary" and "unwinnable." In both cases they "wasted money" for people considered less worthy than "real Americans." They both freed millions from oppression. Both were incredibly hated and misunderstood. Both were considered dumb country boys trying to tell us all what to do. Both put their principles before politics.

So thank you Mr. Lincoln.
And thank you Mr. Bush.

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