Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vote in Our Poll: Obama's First Year Grade

President Obama famously graded himself as a B+ for his first year in office. What do you give him?

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JT Woods said...

The reason there are 35% As is because the childish left from a website called Democrat underground haws found your poll and are trying to skew the results.

therealbarack (28 posts)
Original message
Ruin This Conservative Poll

Hey all in DU land.

Ruin this conservative blog poll attacking President Obama:

Lots of Fs and F-s.

here it the link


Tom G. said...

HA! Suck it, conservtards!

varsity lakes said...

He will walk the halls of the White House a beaten man, He will have come to the realization that his mouth outran his abilities, and his promises will not come to fullfillment, He will realize that wanting something bad enough is not the catalyst for success, You must have talent, He will go down as the first minority President.