Monday, April 19, 2010

About Us

 This blog was started in May 2008 but didn't feature politics on it for about five months. By the end of October of that year with the election heating up we put up articles pushing hard against the Obama campaign. However, our efforts were futile in the face of all of the stupid people who voted for him.

We feature straight-up politics, investigative reporting, local Upstate NY coverage, interviews, reporting on Senatorial and Congressional races, the occasional satire, and up-to-date stories on Joe C.

Our writers:

Matthew Avitabile: Founded this blog in 2008-- has written some of our biggest stories, including those that were featured on Rush Limbaugh and MSNBC. Currently finishing up his MA in European History at SUNY Albany. Reach him at avitmw-at-gmail-dot-com.

Aurelius: One of the first contributors on JiP. Has written about the Obama Effect and has conducted many interviews of Congressional candidates. A student at SUNY Oneonta studying for a Bachelor's degree in history. He can be reached at dr.orfannkyl-at-yahoo-dot-com

Mr. K.: Another writer based in Schoharie County. Our Richmondville specialist, has been featured on Instapundit numerous times and has interviewed candidates for Congress. Currently the Chairman of the SC Young Republicans Club. A home-schooled student finishing his diploma. Can be reached at aaaabraves-at-yahoo-dot-com.

Eli: Eli is a medic in the United States National Guard. Another local writer, Eli is a member of the SC Young Republicans and a potential candidate for local office.

Joe C.: Joe binds our blog together with his enormous heart. Joe has written up to two articles in his year and a half on the blog. Joe even wrote an article with no words. Joe has been featured on many of our articles and is currently challenging NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in the Democratic Primaries. Joe is a junior Pre-Law student at SUNY Oneonta.

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Anonymous said...

"All those stupid people"

Well, you certainly know a thing or two about manipulating stupid people.