Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Confederate" is an evil, evil word.

"Confederate" is the new "N word" to liberals. According to the outrage from liberal circles over the past 24 hours, Governor McDonnell of Virginia (Segregationist Republican) is the modern day version of Jim Wallace, because Virginia is going to recognize the 150th anniversary of the Confederate States of America and Virginia's position of power during the war.

Liberals are upset over Virginia honoring their heritage? That's like calling folks who hang rebel flags (Confederate) are racists, when in fact their voicing opposition or honoring their heritage. I don't understand the liberal outrage over Virginia honoring their past, as well as using their past as a tourist attraction.

Before I continue, I had ancestors who fought for the Union during the American Civil War and I belong to the Party of abolitionism; the Republican Party.

I reside from a rural area in Upstate New York (rural is bit too generous) and I see American and Confederate flags all around the area. Never a Confederate flag over an American flag, but the point is this: flying a flag that is apart of America's heritage and represents opposition and rebellion, doesn't represent oppression.

Governor McDonnell is a man who is reviving Virginia's heritage, a heritage that Governors of both political parties upheld until political correctness took over as Governor in 2001, and was reelected in 2005. Should the matter of racial oppression be acknowledged as well, without a doubt yes, but should Virginia's rich heritage be ignored, without a doubt no.

"Confederate" is not an evil word. The Confederate States of America was an evil regime that oppressed innocent peoples, but "Confederate" doesn't represent evil, it represents the culture of several Southern states, a culture that doesn't represent the nation as a whole, but it is apart of Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi and other states, and their hero's should be respected, just as long as their actions are condemned.

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