Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Obama Administration ponders a National Sales Tax.

Remember when President Obama campaigned on not raising taxes on Americans who made less than $250,000 or $200,000 dollars per year? Well, I remember that campaign pledge to the American people, and I remember it was tarnished during his first week in office. Bridge under the water for some, but a serious financial burden for the millions who dare smoke a tobacco product.

President Obama is not a fiscal conservative. He believes in high taxation, he legislates with a socialistic brush, he has expanded both our deficit and our debt to astronomical levels, and he has targeted good federal programs such as NASA, school choice, Missile Defense and other items for elimination, while ignoring the ever growing waste that is pork barrel spending.

As if all that I have mentioned wasn't enough, there are grumblings from within the Obama Administration that some are considering a Value Added Tax or a National Sales Tax on each item that we purchase, on top of a intrusive federal income tax. I am no defender for the "fair tax" or those who promote it, but at least their proposal involves removing the federal income tax, instead of shoving another 10% tax burden on all American citizens.

It's bad enough President Obama is attempting to radicalize our Nation through socialistic economic policies, but some individuals inside his Administration are now considering a outrageous federal tax increase, during a roaring recession? There's a reason the average business is scared to death of Obama: Because his personal interest comes before all other interests, including the national interest.

There's a reason President Obama couldn't answer that woman who was worried about taxes the other day, because it would just be another documented falsehood, and he's smarting up: Each time he lies, his reelection dies. If Obama wants to do the right thing for the American people, telling the truth and standing for low taxation would be a good start, instead of his current policies of lie and tax.

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