Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guess Who Plays Golf More than Bush?

That's right-- the man who canceled his trip to the funeral of the President of Poland-- then filled it in with a golf game. With a war in Afghanistan and a struggling economy, he can only take his time to go out and play the course. Remember this commercial from that fat bastard Michael Moore's crapfest?

Well, we can one-up that. Within a year and a half of taking office, President Obama has already surpassed the times out golfing than all eight years of "lazy" President George W. Bush.

President Obama's been out 32 times so far-- compared to 24 for Bush. That's 33% more in less than a quarter the time. Man, the Presidency must be hard for him to completely live by the criticism of his predecessor.

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Joe C. said...

In all fairness though, basically all aviation in Europe is shut down now to a volcano in Iceland. It would have been tough for Obama to go to funeral of the President of Poland.

Editor said...

Tough, but not hard enough to skip the funeral of the president of one of America's closest allies.

Government Mess said...

Obama plays 9 holes of golf per week according to the numbers at this point. This means Obama is playing 38 holes a month, more than 2 rounds. Our country is on the brink of disaster but the President can play golf and basketball while we all collapse into oblivion. His priorities are with appeasement of our enemies while shitting on our friends. Obama is Anti-American to say the least.
Keep up the great work!