Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stossel Libertarianism? No thanks.

If I had to choose between running with a Liberal or with a Libertarian as the Republican nominee for President (lets all pretend for a moment), the Liberal would be the Vice-President of the United States. It's true that I agree with Libertarians more than I do with Liberals, but Liberals at least know their policies don't float with the Founders, while Libertarians claim that their policies are those of the Founding Fathers.

Would the Founding Fathers sit on their hands when confronted with evil? NO! The Founders fought when confronted!

Would the Founding Fathers support prostitution as a moral and legal contribution to our economic situation? Hell NO! The Founders were moral men who based almost all of their decisions on the Word of God.

Would the Founding Fathers be alright with our borders wide open and our criminals roaming free? Hell NO! The Founders kept our borders well protected (which mainly consisted of militia) and criminals were dealt with (murderers = death penalty = end of problem).

Would the Founding Fathers hide behind the Constitution and leave the Defense of our Nation in peril? HELL NO! Could someone please read Thomas Jefferson on self preservation.

Would the Founding Fathers accept the mass murder of one million innocent lives per year via abortion? HELL NO! Yet, those who claim to represent the

Libertarians do not represent the moral, decent, intelligent men that Founded this Nation in 1776 and then again in 1791, and Libertarians do not represent the moral, decent, intelligent Americans of 2009, 2010 or 2011 either.

Also, when the Founding Fathers were warning us about joining into Europe's wars and problems, Europe was a land of despots and monarchs fighting one another for more power, that's not the case in 2010 - people fight for freedom, something our Founders knew was worth fighting for (remember that America almost joined one of the French-British wars on France's behalf) and that freedom was worth defending (remember the Barbary wars?).

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Jay said...

I agree with much of what you say here. I am a pro-life, pro-defense, pro-death penalty, pro-legal (only) immigration Libertarian.

However, don't forget that Liberals and even conservatives are not alone in agreeing with things that would have mystified the founders.

For instance, would the Founders have agreed with an unwinnable and unconstitutional "war on drugs" that has resulted in the murder of innocents by police, has expanded police departments into paramilitary units, and allows for the confiscation of private property without Due Process MERELY because it is considered - by the police! - to be "associated" with the drug trade? Of course not. But Conservatives do.

Would the Founders have agreed with allowing the use of State force, at the threat of violence, to destroy perfectly viable families in the name of state-encouraged false charges of "Child Abuse" or "Domestic Violence?" Almost all such charges these days are trumped up, by the way. And of course, until the modern era, the administration of laws affecting families was a state concern, not a federal one. It is liberals and feminists that have inserted Washington, D.C. into the families of America, likely to the eternal detriment of families.

Harrison said...

Might want to post a link to his article...

I read his piece. I don't think he went into all the things you did. I disagree in that many Libertarians would be closer to the beliefs of our founding fathers. Remember the warnings not to engage in foreign wars? The problem with someone who says they are a Libertarian is there is really no set definition.