Thursday, May 13, 2010

As the great-grandson of a Legal Immigrant.

I'm the great-grandson of Legal Immigrants; one was from Czechoslovakia, and the other was from Serbia. They came over to America over 100 years ago on a boat, entering the US through Ellis Island, and never left. Like 95% of American citizens, my ancestors came to this Nation as Immigrants from an unfavorable land, seeking a fresh start and freedom.

I am one-sixth Serbian, one-sixth English, one-sixth Scottish, one-sixth Irish, one sixth-Indian, and one-sixth Czechoslovakian, but I am 100% American, and like those who came to this land; enduring hardship and assimilating into our Culture, I believe in the law of the land, and that no lawbreaker deserves the respect or honor of being an American citizen.

There's a reason why 60% of Americans are behind Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration bill, and why some specific measures receive close to 70% support from the public; and that reason isn't difficult to understand: We are all from Immigrants, but we all from law abiding Immigrants who loved this Nation, unlike illegals, who use this Nation.

Call me bigoted. Call be crazy. Call me outrageous.

I consider each and every illegal alien to be a criminal, who should be deported from the United States of America, for breaking our most sacred laws, and for breaking our sovereign borders. I believe in the law, and the law calls for illegal aliens to be deported, regardless of their situation in this Nation.

The solution to illegal immigration is not difficult; secure the borders, crackdown on businesses that hire illegals, and remove American citizenship from the children of illegal aliens. The only question is this: Are we as Americans, really ready to do what is needed? I believe we are, but we must act soon.

America is a Nation of Immigrants; of Legal Immigrants.

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1 comment:

Nikei said...

" lawbreaker deserves the respect or honor of being an American citizen.'

Ever get a parking ticket?
Still got your citizenship?
I know what you mean, but the poor crafting of your rant weakens your point.