Monday, May 17, 2010

Bruce Blakeman: Passionate and Honest.

When I attended a local, annual Republican Lincoln Dinner on Friday night of last week, Bruce Blakeman, a candidate for the Republican Nomination to square off against Senator Gillibrand this November, was the featured guest speaker for the event, and I was unsure as to what I should expect from the candidate.

Would Mr.Blakeman just preach to the choir, or would he be passionate, but blunt concerning his personal convictions? That was the question that haunted me through out the Dinner on Friday night. That question was answered rather quickly during his speech.

Bruce Blakeman not only called out the "Obamacare" legislation for what it really is; socialized medicine, but his deep seeded National Defense convictions emotionally affected the entire room of about 100 or so dedicated Republicans.

Like the hundreds and thousands of other emergency first responders on September eleventh; Bruce Blakeman's nephew was dedicated to saving each and every possible life at the World Trade Center, and did so sacrificing his own. Only his sidearm and shield were ever recovered.

When the Obama Administration pushed for the 9/11 mastermind to be awarded Constitutional rights; including a criminal trial in New York City, just blocks away from where the World Trade Center stood, that was all Bruce Blakeman was ever going to take on the sidelines, and he announced his campaign for the United States Senate.

Bruce Blakeman is not your typical politician in New York state; this man is not afraid to tell it like it is, to stand up for what he believes, and he doesn't care what people think. Sure, call it a horrible gameplam when running for the United States Senate, but it's also being honest, something we see less and less of, as the years drag on and on.

Please support Bruce Blakeman, a real American candidate!

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