Monday, May 17, 2010

Iran Nuclear Deal?

Fox is reporting that Iran has agreed to a nuclear deal after a trip from Brazilian President Lula da Silva. Apparently, Teheran has assented to send partially enriched uranium to Turkey for nuclear fuel rods.
The deal would deprive Iran — at least temporarily — of the stocks of enriched uranium that it could process to the higher levels of enrichment needed in weapons production. The material returned to Iran in the form of fuel rods cannot be processed beyond its lower, safer levels. Iran needs the fuel rods to power an aging medical research reactor in Tehran that produces isotopes for cancer treatment.
The plan would send over a ton of uranium out of Iran. But what could be pushing this?
  • Iran might be feeling the economic crunch and needs sanctions reversed to save their ailing economy.
  • Iran might legitimately want to give up nuclear weapons ambition (not likely).
  • Iran has another source of uranium which it will enrich while international focus is gone.
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