Thursday, May 6, 2010

Comedy Central Religious Intolerance.

I have one basic principle in life: If you must insult the race and religion of someone, insult every race and religion in the world, including your own. Comedy Central should consider adopting a principle such as mine, because their current gameplan of insulting Christians, through insulting Jesus, while coddling to Islamic Terrorists, isn't a smart one.

Call me ignorant, but doesn't it seem strange that Comedy Central will not stand up for one of their own programs on the basis of Free Speech, when it involves insulting the religion of Islam, while at the same time launching a program directed at insulting Christians, or about 80% of the American population.

I smell the smell of hypocrisy.

Does anyone else have a problem with this? Not with the fact that Comedy Central is launching a program bashing Jesus, which I actually have a big personal problem with, but with the fact that Comedy Central will not touch the religion of Islam, out of fear of death, but they'll openly attack the religion of Christian, without a care in the world.

What would our Founding Fathers think about this situation? Not only would they be appalled by the catastropic downfall of moral standards in America, but they would be astonished by the fact that our enemies controll our fears, and that our lives revolved around that fear. Hard to imagine our Founders being "politically correct" when calling British soldiers Red Coats.

In the end: Christians will be bashed, Muslims will be coddled, and America will continue its' suicidal decline into the unknown abyss of relative unknowns. I concur with my fellow blogger Mike, that a boycott of Comedy Central might be a good idea, although I don't think most Christian, or sane individuals for that matter; are watching that channel to begin with, thus removing the need for a boycott.

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Harrison said...

Just attack the white guy. He won't fight back. Censure South Park for mocking Muslims though.