Sunday, May 9, 2010

Interview With CrockTock

Jumping in Pools is proud to present number 87 in our ongoing interview series. Today we're interviewing David from, which is an excellent conservative site. If you're looking for commentary on foreign policy, polling, elections, immigration, or just about anything else, check them out. And remember to bookmark them so you can visit all the time.

1. When/why did you start CrockTock?

I launched CrockTock in January of this year. I’d been blogging for a while and wanted to establish a better vehicle with which to display my writing. Since I’m an internet news junkie to begin with, I figured an online newspaper, replete with original pieces of my own, would be the best way to get my name and my work out there. Also, I want to underscore the stories, events, and opinions that I feel are most interesting and pertinent.

2) Has President Obama been better/worse than you expected?

President Obama has been worse than I expected. I’d taken him for little more than a leftwing academic since his “rousing” speech at the 2004 Democratic convention, but with the financial crisis on his plate, I expected him to be too busy trying to stop the economic hemorrhaging and focusing on job creation to pursue his social engineering/income redistribution schemes. I naively forgot how exploitable crises are for politicians.

3) What is your favorite part about running your site?

I enjoy sharing my opinions with an audience and compiling what I feel is a great roster of news stories for the day. Though I normally don’t change the headlines of stories I link to, sometimes I do and get creative with them. Writing alarming and/or irreverent headlines might be my favorite part.

4) Do you have a favorite for the 2012 nomination yet? Would you vote for a Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani?

I believe Giuliani’s political career is done, so choosing whether or not to vote for him won’t be an issue. Romney I would vote for. I don’t find him very genuine or trustworthy – how could I, given his tan and slick hair? – but his resume offers a healthy mix of public and private sector experience. His success running Bain Capital and the 2002 Winter Olympics shows he has the technocratic know-how to run a large government apparatus, and his ability to win an election in Massachusetts of all places demonstrates his political acumen. He has liabilities, chiefly a lack of foreign policy experience and RomneyCare, but I’m willing to look pas those blemishes. First of all, one could argue that RomneyCare is an exercise in federalism, rather than federal encroachment on states’ rights. Second of all, Romeny’s a worldly guy (he spent two years in France on his Mormon mission) who’s smart enough to develop a cogent foreign policy for America.

5) Will the GOP take the House or the Senate this Fall?

I’m not sanguine enough to think the GOP will retake the Senate, but I do like their chances with the House. There are too many vulnerable Democrats in districts won by Bush, McCain, or both, and there are some anomalies hovering about too: Murtha’s old seat, for example, and Abercrombie’s seat in Hawaii, which the GOP is now poised to pick up.

6)Anything else you'd like to add?

Please visit CrockTock, and if you like what you see, spread the word!

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