Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Endorsement for the British Election

Since the elections for Parliament in the UK is today, I think I will be giving my endorsement for the UK elections. As such, I am giving my endorsement for the Conservatives and David Cameron over the Liberal Democrats and Labour. I will give my reasons below and why I am not supporting the other two parties.

First up is Labour. The reasons why I am not supporting Labour are probably obvious; they were in power for the last 13 years, which includes wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, loss of civil liberties and record budget deficits. Although Gordon Brown was not Prime Minister most of that period, he deserves some of the blame as he was the Chancellor of the Exchequer under Tony Blair. I believe Labour is a tired and beaten party and probably should spend some years in Opposition.

Next up is the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg has emerged as the star from this election, and I do think they have some good policies. For example, I like their open policy on immigration and their stance on protecting civil liberties. However, in their manifesto, they have some points which makes me back away from supporting them. They support a radical, unattainable increase in higher education spending and total destruction of Britain's nuclear arsenal. Most of all, they support the introduction of the Euro into the UK. I believe this is big mistake. I believe Britain is better off staying on the pound sterling; I think the Euro is too unstable, as witnessed in Greece's fiscal crisis. Thus, these policies from the LibDems will hold Britain back substantially. Therefore, I will abstain from supporting them in this election.

This leaves us at the Conservatives. I do believe that the Tories have their faults. David Cameron at times is incredibly mushy, and the Tories are too Euroskeptic at the edges. Neverless, I believe the Tories are the best choice to lead Britain. First off, I believe that they are best able to lead Britain out of the current deficit. Secondly, unlike the conservatives in America, Conservatives fully embrace modernity. Cameron supports civil partnerships for gays and is pro-choice (which I disagree with). In addition, the Tories support revamping, but not eliminating NHS, a socialist health care system if I ever saw one. Third off, Cameron and the Tories will be a good ally to the US on the War on Terror. Lastly, I think they will protect civil liberties more than Labour did.

Thus, at the end of the day, I call on all the British readers of the blog to vote for the Tories.

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