Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Phoenix Suns pander to Arizona criminals.

The Phoenix Suns' franchise decided that annoying 70% of Arizona citizens was the key to sell out crowds and building connections with their fellow Arizonans, I mean why else would they do something like this:

That's right: No Organization in their right mind, that wants sell out crowds and 100% of their state to support them, would change their uniforms to pander to illegal aliens, who are well known criminals; because of their status of being illegally in the Nation.

Except for the Phoenix Suns', that is.

I do not believe in boycotts. Politics should not be seen or heard in Sports related activities. And the Owner of the Phoenix Suns' should be invited onto The O'reilly Factor, where the master of Patriots will give him a beatdown, just ask Congressmen Weiner and Frank.

It's amazing: America's athletic heroes of the past fought in World War 2 for their Nation, but our supposed athletic heroes of the present fight for criminals, and against the rule of law. How we have changed in America, for the worse.

Please keep our Border Patrol Agents and Arizona's law enforcement personal in your prayers.


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susiepuma said...

This doesn't surprise me - most of these athletes are dumber than a box of rocks anyway - I mean, come on - isn't is just painful to listen to them talk .............. maybe the Suns will have to be looking for a new home - good luck with that - with more and more people losing jobs there will be less money to pay these 'brilliant' political -whoops - athletic role models....
No loss for me...............

robalidg said...

Dear susiepuma,
The athletes don't decide on the uniform design. The franchise owners decide those things.
Now tell me: Who's dumber than a box of rocks?