Friday, May 14, 2010

Nazis Planned 100 Foot Tank

No, this is not a joke or just speculation. The Nazis actually planned to make a tank about 100 feet long weighing 1000 tons.
Right here's a picture of the Landkreuzer Ratte, which would have weighed five times more than the Panzer VIII Maus. Not only that, it would have dual artillery barrels. And the artillery would be taken off of a battle cruiser and affixed to the tank.

But it had its drawbacks:
There was one major issue that this tank had. It would have been so large, that it would have been a target to allied fighters and bombers. This would have been such a major issue that the design would have been practically useless.
See also its big cousin:


Reaganite Republican said...

They found a hull of the prototype... I saw it in a clip in a documentary, Russians took it of course.

But the King Tiger already had maneuverability problems in the mud... this thing never would have done much. It's like the rail-guns too, the Germans often when overboard on complexity and size... everything over-engineerd, same as today, lol.

It's that 6-engine Messerschmidt "Amerika" bomber and then-concurrent nuclear program that give me the chills...

Harrison said...

The problem is the Germans would make few tanks of excellent quality while the Allies would make many tanks of average quality. The average tanks would overwhelm the excellent ones and win the day.