Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm smarter than Eric Holder.

It's official: I'm smarter than the United States Attorney General, Eric Holder. Why? Well, I sat down this morning, and I read all 16 pages of that difficult Arizona Immigration law, and I also understood the legislation, unlike our Attorney General, who hasn't read the Immigration law, but is threatening a federal lawsuit over the Immigration law, which he hasn't read.

Please imagine our first Attorney General, Edmund Randolph, not reading the legislation he was supposed to uphold, defend or file lawsuit over. I can't imagine that, because our Founder Father culture of ideals, actually appreciated the law, and they also enjoyed a good afternoon of reading, unlike Eric Holder.

So what does the legislation say?

1. Federal Law will be adopted on a State level, and followed to the letter. Arizona is enforcing the laws that the Federal government has ignored. That's all this legislation is about.

2. Police Officers and District Attorneys cannot pursue a case or a lead based on race. Besides from the legislative protections, a good portion of Arizona law enforcement personal are born Hispanic-Americans, are you really going to accuse them of race based hate crimes?

3. All money received from illegal aliens, traffickers and employers, will go towards a general fund to combat gang violence and to relieve the local financial burden of housing illegal aliens.

That's about it. I didn't read one line about gutting illegal aliens, enforcing a race based night watchman at every building, or authorizing Arizona law enforcement to goosestep at every traffic stop involving illegal aliens. Than again I'm not Eric Holder, I don't how to file lawsuits without first reading the law.

I'm smarter than Eric Holder and you can be too; Just google "SB 1070" and Arizona's tough-on-illegal alien legislation will be there for all to read, including Eric Holder, if he ever takes his head out of Barack Obama's ass.

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