Monday, May 17, 2010

Oregon Republican Primaries Tomorrow.

Oregon Republicans will be heading to the polls tomorrow morning, afternoon and evening, and I must admit that I feel bad for them: Most Oregonian Republican candidates are Ron Paul, small Military folks who don't understand the Founding Fathers, and most Oregonian offices are safe Democratic seats.

Please keep in mind that I'm a Conservative Republican, and that I will endorse a candidate who can win, even if he or she is not a 100% down-the-line Conservative.

These are my endorsements:

Gubernatorial - Chris Dudley.
Senatorial - Walter Woodland.
1st congressional - Doug Keller.
2nd congressional - Congressman Walden.
3rd congressional - Delia Lopez.
4th congressional - None of the Above*
5th congressional - Scott Bruun.

Regardless of who you support in tomorrow's Primary elections, please remember to vote my fellow Republicans!

* - Both Republican candidates seeking office are against the War on Terrorism, and do not appreciate or understand our Founding Fathers or sound Military policies.

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