Monday, May 17, 2010

Pennsylvania Republican Primaries Tomorrow.

Pennsylvania Republicans will be selecting their candidates tomorrow afternoon and evening for the state Gubernatorial, Senatorial and Congressional elections to be held in November. Besides for a few congressional districts; none of the below mentioned elections will impact November. I cannot say the same for the Democratic side; as their Senatorial selection could decide who will win and who will lose in November.

Please keep in mind that I'm a Conservative Republican, and that I will endorse a candidate who can win, even if he or she is not a 100% down-the-line Conservative.

These are my endorsements:

Gubernatorial - Tom Corbett.
Senatorial - Pat Toomey.
1st congressional - Pia Varma.
2nd congressional - Rick Hellberg.
3rd congressional - Dr. Martha Moore.
4th congressional - Mary Beth Buchanan.
5th congressional - Congressman Thompson.
6th congressional - Congressman Gerlach.
7th congressional - Pat Meehan.
8th congressional - Mike Fitzpatrick.
9th congressional - Congressman Shuster.
10th congressional - Malcom Derk.
11th congressional - Lou Barletta.
12th congressional - Tim Burns.
13th congressional - Brian Haughton.
14th congressional - Melissa Haluszczak.
15th congressional - Congressman Dent.
16th congressional - Congressman Pitts.
17th congressional - Dave Argall.
18th congressional - Congressman Murphy.
19th congressional - Congressman Platts.

Regardless of who you support in tomorrow's Primary elections, please remember to vote my fellow Republicans!

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