Sunday, May 9, 2010

Run As a Write-In, Senator Bennett!

I know that Mr. K has written in defense of the three-term incumbent. I know that he's not perfect, but Bob Bennett is the man to lead Utah in the Senate this election year. I realize that he voted for the TARP bailout and worked for a health care consensus, but he is a solid, proven conservative.

He voted against ObamaCare and against the Stimulus. He's worked against the Obama agenda and knows what he's doing. He knows how to use his Senate seat for the maximum effect. He's strictly pro-life and pro-gun rights.

He won 69% of the vote in 2004. He would win an open GOP primary easily. So why kick him off the ballot in such a back-handed, back-room fashion? Utah should overhaul its outdated primary system-- it's a complete waste and against the will of Republican Utahans.

So run as a write-in candidate, Senator Bennett. Watch as you get more votes than your two opponents combined.

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