Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Runoff election to be held in Georgia's 9th district.

Georgia Republicans split their vote six ways in Georgia this afternoon, forcing a runoff election to be held on June 8th, when the top two vote getter's (both Republicans) will square off against one another in a grand southern election. Not only does a runoff election hurt the residents of Georgia's 9th congressional district, but it also hurts Congressional Republicans who need all of the backup they can get.

Georgia 9th District Special Election Results

With 99% of precincts reporting.

Tom Graves (R) - 18,306 - 35.4%
Lee Hawkins (R) - 12,000 - 23.2%
Steve Tarvin (R) - 7,937 - 15.3%
Chris Cates (R) - 6,131 - 11.8%
Mike Freeman (D) - 2,886 - 5.6%
Bill Stephens (R) - 2,083 - 4.0%
Bert Loftman (R) - 1,292 - 2.6%
Eugene Moon (I) - 1,123 - 2.2%

While the election results are stunning (four Republican candidates received more votes than the Democrat), they're also disappointing from this perspective: Lee Hawkins was not elected into Congress during the special election, Georgia's 9th district will remain without representation & Washington Republicans, who need backup, will have to wait several more weeks for a safe seat to finally bring forth another Conservative vote.

On June 8th, 2010; Georgia's 9th congressional district will once again have full representation in the House of Representatives. Now the 40% or so voters who preferred another candidate to Tom Graves and Lee Hawkins must make a decision, and though I support Lee Hawkins, I hope the appropriate decision is reached, whether I be correct or incorrect.

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1 comment:

Ivory said...

I think Hawkins has a great track record and the experience to make things happen in Washington too. Thanks for the great article.