Saturday, May 15, 2010

Schoharie County Tea Party confronts Congressman with a 15 foot rat.

Somehow attending a Lincoln Dinner seemed more interesting than protesting a Congressman who could care less about what I think (Dinner was excellent, Bruce Blakeman is the only man for the job, and I'll write about this sometime next week), but it appears the Tea Party of Schoharie County has outdone themselves:
It was a quiet peaceful protest at the Best Western. There were laughs about the 15 foot Rat, who someone named “Paul”. Speculation on who it was named after had the crowd laughing. It wasn’t until members of the Democratic Party of Schoharie County showed for their dinner that things started to get nasty. Some of the Democratic Party member began shouting vile things at the peaceful Tea Party members. Cursing and shouting the “F” word and other vulgarities at the men, women and seniors of the Tea Party was common place.
Please read the rest of that post on the Schoharie County Tea Party website, as it appears they also had a 15 foot rat with them, named Paul, and they wonder why heartless Democrats were cursing at them? Anyway, it appears this protest was successful in its' objective of meeting with Paul Tonko, even though he lied right to their faces.

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