Friday, August 14, 2009

Joe's Babe of the Week

Dr. Joe comes to you writing from the New York annual sex convention, where yours truly has been picking up a lot of new things that I'm bringing back to the blog. I'm studying to get my PhD in Shagology and anyone who would like to be my research assistant, please call me at 555-JOEC.

So, without further ado, this week's babe is:
Sonia Sotomayor

Born in the same Impala that yours truly was conceived in, the future Justic Sotomayor was destined for greatness. Graduating from high school with recommendations from the chief custodian, Ms. Sotomayor wowed the crowds during her entire college career: six years at South Los Angeles Community College.

After receiving an AA in Criminal Justice, Ms. Sotomayor whined herself onto a local criminal court. After seeing how foxy the young Latina was, former President George H. Bush picked her to serve on a circuit court of appeals. After President Obama spent four hours looking at her melons earlier this year, Sonia was chosen as the first Latina, and by far the hottest, Supreme Court Justice.

Joe's Sexy Ruling:
6.5/10.0 Gavels Pounded

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Anonymous said...

It should be joes pig of the week....

overlord said...

Dear Anonymous,

That should actually be Joe's "Cerdo latino de la justicia".