Thursday, May 6, 2010

Comedy Central: Can't Show One Picture of Muhammad, But IS Making an Entire Show about Jesus Christ

I'm just going to say it: Comedy Central must be run by a bunch of intolerant, free speech trampling morons. That's right folks, the television station that refused to show Muhammad twice is now making an ENTIRE SHOW making fun of Jesus Christ. How is that for religious tolerance?

This is so stupid I just cannot fathom it. Words can't express how imbecilic this truly is, and the words that I could use would make a stereotypical drunken sailor blush. This may sound nuts, but I actually think that Christians and any First Amendment lover in this nation should consider boycotting Comedy Central. I never say stuff like this because it's kind of crazy, but this stuff is just too far.

One picture of Muhammad. They just couldn't bring themselves to do it. Just one, in which Muhammad was not even criticized or made fun of. Yet Comedy Central is open to making an entire show about Jesus Christ, whom Christians believe was and is the Son of God. Heck, Muhammad was only a prophet in Islam, not the only child of our Lord.

This is just ridiculously irritating to me. Leave a comment and let them hear your voice. Email Comedy Central, email this article, spread the word. This has to stop.

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Southern Man said...

It's incredibly insulting. I may be able to stomach it if they were at least attacking all religion but they are cowards.

Matthew Avitabile said...

Comedy Central Blows