Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Congressman Burton holds on in Indiana.

Congressman Dan Burton is one of the most Conservative legislators in Washington, but half-a-dozen fellow Republicans believed 28 years of service was more than enough. Leading the charge against Dan Burton was Luke Messer and John McGoff (who challenged Burton last election as well), but the 28 year Washington Veteran survived the challenge, but just barely.

Dan Burton - 29,391 - 30.1%
Luke Messer - 25,117 - 25.8%
John McGoff - 19,069 - 19.5%
Brose McVey - 8,795 - 9.0%
Mike Murphy - 8,576 - 8.8%
Andy Lyons - 3,670 - 3.7%
Ann Adcook - 3,048 - 3.1%
Total votes - 97,666 - 100%

If political commentators and wizkids were shocked by Dan Coats winning the Nomination with just 40% of the vote, what about Congressman Dan Burton, who has a three decades strong and long record of Conservatism, winning the Nomination with just 30% of the vote last night.

Dan Coats winning the Nomination with 40% of the vote is expected, but Dan Burton winning the Nomination with just 30% of the vote is shocking, considering his amazing congressional record. I for one believe this reflects a misguided attitude in some Conservatives - Not all Incumbents and Establishment candidates are bad, or even evil to be honest.

I'm glad Congressman Burton will be heading to Congress for his fifteenth term, even though I believe in Term Limiting Congressmen and Senators alike, this man has represented our values and agenda through four different Administrations. However, Conservative Republican incumbents should research this race closely, because the anti-Washington movement is causing a few good men to be targets of fellow good men, for no good reason.

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