Friday, May 7, 2010

Crist Ahead in New Poll

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is again ahead in a new poll released yesterday. According to the Mason Dixon poll, Crist leads second-place finisher Marco Rubio by six points. It has become apparent that Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek is increasingly being marginalized.

Crist (I) 38
Rubio (R) 32
Meek (D) 19

An interesting excerpt:

More than half of Crist's supporters are Democrats, who overwhelmingly approve of his defection from the GOP and recent veto of a controversial teacher tenure bill. Against the lesser-known Miami congressman, who is black, Crist is favored by 19 percent of black voters and 48 percent of Democrats, according to the survey. Meek wins support from 68 percent of black voters and 36 percent of Democrats.
I believe that the Florida Democrats will increasingly sideline Meek in order to try and prevent a Rubio seat. After all, they must believe that Crist would be better than the Florida House Speaker. In fact, with Crist's lead precarious, any gains by Meek would almost definitely be at Crist's expense. Especially with Crist having twice the polling than Meek, Meek's candidacy is looking increasingly doomed.

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