Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The difference between Gov. Parnell and Gov. Palin.

Governor Sean Parnell is soaring above the clouds in Alaska: 70% of Alaskans approve of his job performance, he's leading all three of his potential Democratic opponents in Alaska's upcoming Gubernatorial election by 28% or more, and his popularity can only further his political career; Congressman Don Young must retire, eventually.

What about Governor Sarah Palin? Her agenda and Sean Parnell's agenda is one of the same and how are the voters of Alaska reacting to Sarah Palin's role as a national political commentator. It pains me to write this, but the voters of Alaska, who once elected Sarah Palin as their Governor, no longer approve or support her.

Only 41% of Alaska voters would support her for President, if she ran, and even worse; 50% of Alaska voters share an unfavorable viewpoint of the former Governor, who resigned from office last July.

This doesn't represent a dramatic political shift in Alaska, considering another Republican; Sean Parnell, is soaring high with the birds, and that President Obama's approval rating in Alaska is hovering around 40% ( 61% of Alaskans atleast somewhat disapprove of President Obama's job performance).

What's the difference between the two Governor's?

One is in the National spotlight and the other is in Juneau. Could it be that simple, are Alaskans annoyed at Governor Palin for leaving them last Summer, are Alaskans aggravated that she has become a negative symbol of their great state? I really don't know, but I do know this: Alaskan Republicans, Independents and even some Democrats support a Conservative agenda in their state, just not Sarah Palin.

What say you; is the Sarah Palin brand suffering from being such a polarizing brand, or is the Sarah Palin brand downfall the result of quitting as Governor last Summer, which angered and confused Americans statewide and nationwide?

All polling numbers are from Rasmussen Reports; a Conservative polling organization.

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