Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lefty Mantra: "Bush's Oil Spill"

The left appears all too happy to accept the Gulf oil spill. Sure it's killing off wildlife and endangering the Gulf Coast. But surely it's okay because it's just one more thing to blame on George Bush. Keith Olbermann has been calling it "Dick Cheney's Katrina" for some reason and lefty blogger Matt Yglesias is on the mantra at the Daily Beast.

Naturally, he points to events from 2009, which of course are also George Bush's fault:

By 2009, of course, Barack Obama was already in the White House. But it takes time to staff an administration and take charge of an agency. Current MMS director Liz Birnbaum didn't take office until July 2009, months after the exclusion was granted. More to the point, the dysfunctional attitude of MMS managers reflected problems that were deeply ingrained under the previous administration.

Makes a lot of sense to me. President Obama couldn't get his own director in for a half a year after taking office, and it's President Bush's fault. And the spill takes place almost a year after that and it's still Bush's fault? I'm not going to say it's Obama's fault, but it sure as hell ain't Bush's.

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PastaMan said...

You are too young to recall that the Republican party did the very same thing. For eight years the GOP blamed Bill Clinton for everything that went wrong.

Michael said...

Just because someone else did something doesn't make it right. In logic that's called "tu quoque," which is a fallacy. Therefore your argument is invalid.

PastaMan said...

I knew you would respond with that.
It wasn't really an "argument" anyway . . . just an observation.

Michael said...

Your premises are your first two sentences, with the implied conclusion that since it was done to Clinton, it is alright to blame Bush for everything. Tu quoque. You fail, PastaMan.

Joe C. said...

PastMan-- I like your name.

I can't eat it!

PastaMan said...

One may infer what was never implied.