Saturday, May 8, 2010

The GOP and Twitter.

Republican candidates need to experiment with a new source of media; I'm not talking about the old fashioned blog, or that outdated facebook software, but with Twitter, where users can send a 140 character message out to the world, or just to their followers.

Why is Twitter crucial for the GOP and their candidates?

Well, Twitter will never win one Republican nor one Democrat candidate a position in local, state or federal government, but Twitter allows an impersonal bond between candidate and voter to occur, resulting in a campaign with stronger connections between the candidate and the electoral populace.

Some might argue that a strong connection between candidate and voter will lead to a stronger electoral standing, but that just isn't the case. Elections are not won on emotional or connection bonds, elections are won on a cold day in November, when after informed decisions are made, a large congregation of unknown voters come out of the woodwork's, and decide.

Call me old fashioned, or just a simpleton, but I would rather invest 100 hours of reaching out to local voters on the street, than spend valuable time "tweeting" about a nice old woman I met in a drug laced neighborhood. Twitter and "tweets" will never win one election, unless of course your opposing candidate says something stupid, but good old hard fashioned work has and will.

As stated in the opening paragraphs of this article, Republican candidates should expand their horizons to Twitter, for reasons of connecting with their base, and to allow their supporters to feel more "intouch" with their candidate of choice, but as a legitimate tool in campaigns - As a somewhat experienced campaigner, it's a waste of time.

Twitter is a network of a hundred million Americans, along with millions upon millions of other individuals from around the world, who like to "tweet" their favorite song, a new tidbit, dating status, and occasionally politics, in other words: Twitter is your local High School and "tweets" are your paper airplanes and crib notes.

It should be treated as such, not as an invaluable campaigning tool.

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