Saturday, May 8, 2010

Republicans to meet in Utah.

Republicans in the State of Utah will be meeting this morning and afternoon in Salt Lake City, as a Senatorial candidate will be selected, and the future of the Republican Party and movement as we know it, could forever be impacted.

Will Utah Republicans retain Senator Bennett for another term in Washington, or will the weak-on-National-Defense Mike Lee be selected for his inaugural term of service? That's the nagging question 3,000 or more Republicans will decide on this morning and afternoon, and a bigger and more important question of National Defense, and maybe even Conservatism as a whole, will be decided as well.

Me and several other Conservative bloggers have written about this all important Convention, and how it will impact Primaries and Conventions to come. Some, such as myself; have stood by Senator Bennett's bid for a fourth term in office, while others, including Erick Erickson and the Club for Growth; have made it their personal mission to see the Senator kicked out of office.

Traditional Conservatives are not pleased with some of Senator Bennett's record on a few issues, including the TARP bailout and Congressional Earmarks, but his commitment to Utah, National Defense, the Second Amendment and Life is inspiring, while his principled stances are honorable.

No candidate is perfect, but few are as honorable or as stubborn about their voting record and still proud at the same time than Senator Bob Bennett, who could be cornered into a hard place with Liberals and Conservatives attempting to force him to change his opinion, and he would never budge from his original, well thought position.

I have no control of what happens in Utah this morning and afternoon, but I would like to make one last personal appeal to the Republican Delegates who will be gathering at 8AM Mountain Standard Time in Utah: Will we be a Party of National Defense, or will we be a Party of reducing the debt and budget, at the expense of National Defense?

The decision is yours; please choose wisely, please choose Bob Bennett.

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