Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Indiana GOP: Coats is Nominee.

Indiana Republicans selected their candidate-of-choice this evening; the former US Senator Dan Coats, who was appointed to the Senate after Dan Quayle was elected Vice-President, but has been retired from public office for 12 years. I hesitated when deciding whether or not to endorse Dan Coats or Marlin Stutzman, but I chickened out and endorsed Don Bates Jr* in the end.

Dan Coats - 187,872 votes.
Marlin Stutzman - 142,749 votes.
John Hostettler - 99,896 votes.
Don Bates Jr - 21,283 votes.
Richard Behney - 20,639 votes.
Total - 472,439 Republican votes.

With the hard fought Primary battle over in Indiana, all Republicans and Conservatives must unite behind Dan Coats in November for one reason or another: Numero Uno being we need nine or ten Democratic seats to flip "Republican" to regain control, and thus power. Some might disagree with Coats on a few issues, but no candidate is perfect, and I would prefer the better of the two evils, instead of the evilest anyday, anytime.

* - I know, I know. I endorsed Don Bates Jr. for United States Senate, even though the man had no chance in hell of winning, but John Adams once declared that voting for who you believe will do the right job is not a wasted vote, unless of course, it is, or something like that.

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