Monday, May 17, 2010

Kentucky Republican Primaries Tomorrow.

Kentucky Republicans will be selecting their preferred candidates tomorrow afternoon in one Senatorial election and in two Congressional elections (3rd and 6th districts). While most are focusing on the Grayson vs. Rand battle (I support Grayson), Republicans in the sixth district must get out and vote; their congressional district is R+9, and should be in Republican control.

Please keep in mind that I'm a Conservative Republican, and that I will endorse a candidate who can win, even if he or she is not a 100% down-the-line Conservative.

These are my endorsements:

Senatorial - Trey Grayson.
1st congressional - Congressman Whitfield.
2nd congressional - Congressman Guthrie.
3rd congressional - Todd Lally.
4th congressional - Congressman Davis.
5th congressional - Congressman Rogers.
6th congressional - Andy Barr.

Regardless of who you support in tomorrow's Primary elections, please remember to vote my fellow Republicans!

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