Friday, May 7, 2010

"Save our Pubs" campaign works in England.

Andrew Griffiths was the Conservative candidate for Parliament in Burton, and according to a recent "tweet" from the United Kingdom Conservative Party twitter account, Mr.Griffiths was running on a "Save our Pubs" campaign, and he still won the election. In fact, Mr.Griffiths won with 44.5% of the vote, a 7.2% increase for the Conservative Party in Burton.

Andrew Griffiths won in a 12 year dominated Labour district, with 44.5% of the vote, due in part for running a campaign based on beer. I'm not kidding, this issue was substantial in his election, even his campaign website has Supporting the Brewing Industry number two on his issues page, I just can't believe it.

Apparently 33% of the price of every pint of beer goes towards taxation in Britain, forcing local Pubs to close on a regular basis, while punishing casual beer drinkers for the problems of hostile alcoholics. No wonder Mr.Griffiths ran and won his campaign on beer, perhaps candidates should consider a similar campaign on tobacco to win elections in America.

If John McCain was running for Prime Minister in England: With his wife has a well known Beer Distributor owner, he would have won without a fight. God Bless the voters in the Burton district and God Save the Pubs!

Hat Tip to Professor Jacobson

To be serious for a moment: Congratulations to Mr.Griffith for winning his election in Burton, for hopefully helping to elect David Cameron as Prime Minister and for helping to restore Conservatism in the United Kingdom, one Pint and one Pub at a time.

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