Saturday, May 8, 2010

Utah GOP Convention Update.

Senator Bob Bennett has survived the First Round of voting at the Utah Republican Convention, placing third in a crowded field of 8 candidates for the Senatorial Nomination. According to a just published article on the Utah GOP blog, none of the three leading Republican candidates for the Nomination received 30% of the vote, setting up an interesting second round of voting.

First Round Voting Results:

Mike Lee - 982 votes - 28.75%
Tim Bridgewater - 917 votes - 26.84%
Senator Bennett - 885 votes - 25.91%
Cherilyn Eager - 541 votes - 15.84%
Other candidates - 91 votes - 2.66%

Mike Lee, Tim Bridgewater and Senator Bennett have made their final appeals to the 632 votes cast for the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth place candidates. Senator Bennett is placing all of his eggs into his "seniority" basket, I hope that's enough, but we shall see.

4:07 PM Update

Second Round voting in Utah is over; close to 3,500 Republican voters are holding their breath waiting for the results, and Senator Bennett is confident about his chances of finishing second and forcing a Primary election in June. I must admit one thing: If Cherilyn Eager wanted to become a rich woman, she would've offered her leverage of 541 votes for a nice position in DC. I congratulate her for not doing so.

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