Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why Aren't More American Jews Pro-Israel?

An interesting take from the American Spectator take a look at why liberal American Jews tend to not support Israel, even as floods of Muslims look to kill all of the Jews. There are some pretty interesting points made here, so I'll lay them out for you.


In the past, I've remarked to friends that the difference between a Jewish liberal and a Jewish conservative is that when a Jewish liberal walks out of the Holocaust Museum, he feels, "This shows why we need to have more tolerance and multiculturalism." The Jewish conservative feels, "We should have killed a lot more Nazis, and sooner."

And of course:

...we were asked to offer our feelings standing in a cemetery honoring fallen Israeli soldiers, and the first American Jew who commented was this liberal girl who reflected, "All I can think about is how many Palestinian graves there are."

Ugh. I just don't get it. Why not defend the one Jewish state in the world against the genocidal heirs of Hitler?

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Southern Man said...

All I can figure is that liberalism is such a devastating illness that it leaves its adherents fundamentally brain dead.