Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vote Burns!

Pennsylvania's 12th congressional district will be holding their special election this afternoon and evening; to replace Congressman John Murtha, who passed away earlier this year. Those "Bible thumping, gun clinging, all-american redneck" voters will be choosing between Republican Tim Burns and Democrat Mark Critz, who are tied with one another according to a recent poll.

Despite its' historical record of being a Democratic bastion, Pennsylvania's 12th district voted for Senator McCain in November of 2008; becoming the only district in America to support McCain in 2008, which also supported Kerry in 2004. Not only that, but Tim Burns' campaign has been positively received in the Conservative minded district.

Tim Burns is an all-american, gun clinging, bible thumping, Conservative trumpeting-Republican who has a unique chance of overturning four decades of Democratic rule, such as Scott Brown did in Massachusetts. Tim Burns is not a "flipflop" Democrat like his opponent, he's a consistent man who will consistently stand for the people of his district.

As such; I'm calling on all voters in Pennsylvania's 12th district to support Tim Burns; an honest businessman who will represent his hometown district with pride, and who will provide backup to desperate Washington Republicans who need every single Conservative vote that they can get.

Support Tim Burns!

If you want real Conservative change; then individuals such as Tim Burns, Pat Toomey and Charles Djou must be supported. Doesn't matter where they reside, if Conservatism is on the ballot, they'll win.

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